What Patamkopo is, What Patamkopo is not

Patamkopo is:
● A digital lead generator. We generate leads for banks and other financial institutions through our online platform
● A platform for banks and consumers of banking products to interact. Through the platform, banks interact with leads and customers through issuance of termsheets and responses thereafter.
● A one stop shop for consumers to apply loans to different financial institutions. Your loan application is accessed by financial institutions that are partners of Patamkopo. They get to review and respond.
● A free service: There are no charges for using Patamkopo, it is free.

Patamkopo is not:
● A loan-giving platform. We do not issue loans. Your loan application is presented to multiple financial institutions to process and respond with their loan offers.

How Patamkopo Works

To properly utilize Patamkopo, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Know the type of loan you are looking for. This can be a personal or business loan, for emergencies or a project. It can even be an asset finance or term loan or even trade financing loan. If you are not sure, visit our loan detail pages for assistance.
2. Go to patamkopo.co.ke and select the loan type, amount, duration and desired rate.
3. Compute the monthly repayment using our loan calculator. Note this is just to guide you on the relative monthly installments you are likely to get. It is in no way binding.
4. Create an account and fill in your personal, employment/business and expense details. Depending on loan type, additional details will be required. This information is required by the financial institutions to determine your credit worthiness. Make sure the information is true, valid and can be backed by documents. Also make sure your application is complete as incomplete applications cannot be processed.
5. Post your application and you will receive responses from financial institutions. Note you will have to verify your account by clicking on a link sent to your mail.
6. You will receive notifications in your email when a financial institution responds to your application.
7. Access your account to view details of offers received.
8. Select your desired offer and the financial institution will process and provide the financing.
9. Apply for as many loan applications as you desire.